Support Charitable Causes This Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I know that many teens don't know what to tell their parents what to get them for the holidays. Personally, my parents find most of my interest frivolous, so when they ask what I want I always have to ask for books **eye roll**. Because I have yet to read so many of the books I've received over the years (being a full time student is time consuming, okay?) I started asking them to donate to my favorite charities. I care about the environment the most, so I would have them donate to all of these random environmental charities, and although I was glad to have that be my gift, it didn't feel like I was actually receiving anything. With OneWorld, I know I can receive something with my donation, and I actually really like the merchandising designs. I started buying these packages for my friends, too, because what can you get someone that has everything? lol. Anyways, I'm trying to say that teens like to feel like good people that give to charity too, but most of us don't have the funds to make massive donations, which is why OneWorld packages are great holiday gifts. Until next time!!

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