I'm Exhausted From Watching The News. Also, Swan.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

#2020 So, I know I'm supposed to keep it light here, but I have to say, watching the news is exhausting. I think we can all agree that regardless of our beliefs or the channels that we watch, everything is so extra and full of conflict. News hosts invite people on their shows with the sole intention of arguing. I understand that we all need to know varying perspectives of every issue, but do you guys remember when we we could hear uplifting stories from the news? Anyways, something that just went viral and should cheer you up like it did for me is this story:

This story is really inspiring to me, and reminds me why living in NY can be really nice. The subways are pretty gross, but not all of the people are lol. Anyways, remember to always be good- you never know who's watching or what it means to people. Until next time!!

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